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Meet our loving and caring team.

Lisa, Veterinary Technician

I grew up in Southern California and worked my first veterinary clinic job there. I started working for Canyon View Animal Health Center in 2005. I have three cats, named Trouble, Dublin, and Ellis. I have one mixed breed dog named Reese. I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons and Comic Cons in Salt Lake and Anaheim. I enjoy video games, reading, and spending time with my family.

Lindsey, Veterinary Technician

My name is Lindsey and I am originally from Garland, Utah. I've worked at Canyon View Animal Health Center since 2006. I have an Associate's degree in Veterinary Technology meaning I am a certified veterinary technician. I currently own numerous four legged kids. I have a natural ability to attract cute, needy, and lost little fur-babies! In my spare time I like to scrapbook, go to a good movie, hang out with friends and family, and color!

Loni, Veterinary Technician

I have been living my childhood dream of working with animals since I started working at Canyon View Animal Health Center back in 2007. I was born and raised in Brigham City and am the proud mother of five wonderful children and several fur and feather babies. Birds are definitely my weakness though!

Emily, Veterinary Technician

My name is Emily. I grew up in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I've been with Canyon View since 2011. I am married to my husband Andy, whom brings light into my life, a spring in my step, and sweet nectar to my soul. We have five sons and one daughter.

My animals include two German Shepherds and one product of generations of unsupervised doggie breeding. I also have seven cats, a Quaker parrot, an albino king snake, and an iguana. As you can see I have an affinity for animals and have since I was very small (Just ask my poor Mother! Oh the things we brought home to her; turtles, iguanas, snakes and yes even raccoons).

Rylee, Veterinary Technician

My name is Rylee I am from Brigham City, Utah. I started as an intern at Canyon View in September of 2013 and interned for six months before being hired.

I have owned many pets, from cows to guinea pigs. I currently have two dogs, Jep and Hallie. All my education has been on the job experience. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. I love to barrel race and ride horses, and just be out on the farm.

Karen, Veterinary Technician

I moved around a lot as a child and most recently claim Logan, Utah as my home. I love Utah! I am married to a wonderful man named Carson. We have three dogs named Baya, Izzy, and Rooster. We have a cat named Ayla. It is true that technicians acquire animals with special issues. Izzy has a chronic heart murmur since birth and is thriving! Ayla needed both eyes removed as a kitten, but she doesn’t know she is blind. We love our fur babies.

Jennifer, Veterinary Technician

I grew up on a small farm in Willard, Utah and my passion for animals has persisted well into adulthood. I am married to my darling husband Ben and together we have two dogs, two cats, one parrot, and 60 or so pigeons. I love reading, painting, writing and everything geek related.

Kasarah, Veterinary Technician

Biography will be up soon!

Autumn, Veterinary Technician

I’m Autumn! To start off I am the biggest tomboy you’ll meet! I’ve grown up in Utah my whole life, living the dream of growing up on a ranch and playing with horses and cattle! I have two of my own horses Zia and Laila. I’ve shown steers and pigs in fairs and had many years of 4-H. I have one pup of my own, his name is Max and he is my pride and joy. I’ve taught him many tricks and he is my hunting sidekick. I enjoy anything outdoors and anything to do with animals. I’m the middle child of five sisters and one brother. I love to sing the national anthem at rodeos and events and maybe a little singing in the shower! I’m probably the biggest goof ball you’ll meet… I started here at Canyon View as a dog walker and advanced to a Vet Tech!

Brody, Veterinary Technician

Biography will be up soon!

Patricia, Perry Receptionist

I have been with Canyon View Animal Health Center since June 2016. After my husband retired from the Marine Corps, we chose to move with our beloved retired Greyhounds from Fort Worth, TX, where we had lived for 16 years, to Brigham City in November 2015. The job has been a blessing because it has allowed me to meet so many new, neat, fun people I never would have met without being behind the reception desk.

My Bachelor of Arts is in Spanish and French, and I'm currently working on my MBA through Syracuse University. I love to cook, entertain, read, and binge-watch fiction crime shows on Netflix, like "Law and Order", "CSI", and "Criminal Minds".

Amelia, Office Manager

Biography will be up soon!

Lehi, Computer Support and Maintenance

I grew up in Perry and am the third of seven children. I have worked for Canyon View Animal Health Center since 2006. I went to school for Computer Repair, Networking, and Computer Graphics, and graduated from Broadview Entertainment Arts University with a BFA in Game Art.

My family is a animal loving family. We currently have two cats: Dusty and Cookies 'n Cream. For fun I like to draw, sculpt, and play, edit, and create my own PC games.

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